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TITLE Significant Developments in Aerial Ropeway Design 
SUMMARY ... Basic to the success of the re- vised plan was a transport system that could operate
under adverse winter conditions. The aerial ropeway system recommended by ...
AUTHOR Davis, P.
TITLE Some Cases Of Successful Application Of O.R. And Computer Methods In The Indian Mining Industry 
SUMMARY ... Availability of sand from river beds and aerial ropeway dumps were forecast from ...
Network in an Cqalfield Reorganisation of the coal transport system within the ...
AUTHOR Sinha, Dilip K.
TITLE Making Iron Oxide Pellets for Direct Reduction: The HYL Process - Alzada Pellet Case 
SUMMARY ... 1 - Mining, transport and pelletizing operations ... The crushed ore transported via
the aerial ropeway is discharged ... thickeners is reused in the system as process ...
AUTHOR Price, J. Federico ; Aparicio, Joseph E.
TITLE Pittsburg International Session October, 1890 Paper - Aërial Wire Ropeways 
SUMMARY ... before this meeting and in this country a paper on a system of transport by wire ...
The importance of the aerial ropeway as a factor in the develop- ment of ...
AUTHOR Pohlig, J.
TITLE The Future of Coal Exports 
SUMMARY ... to carry outthe coal mining operations and operate and maintain the aerial ropeway. ...
all requirements are met within the constraints of the transport system. ...
TITLE Comparative Costs Of Mineral Transportation Systems 
SUMMARY ... 5. aerial (ropeway) 6. seccam 7. dashaveyor 8. serpentix 9 ... various cost types :-
Port housing Transport facilities ... advantages which no other system offers such ...
TITLE Rail Haulage and Off-Highway Truck Development at Weipa 
SUMMARY ... Road Bridge Crossing An aerial ropeway had the lowest capital The proposal of road
transport ... However it had no required less capital cost than a rail system. ...
AUTHOR Mortimer RR
TITLE Discussion - Economic Comparison and Evaluation of an Overland conveyor Versus Alternate Transport Transportation Methods – Technical Papers, MINING ENGINEERING, Vol. 34, No. 4, Feb. 1982, pp. 176-181 – Benavides, F. M. and Schuster, R. M. 
SUMMARY ... Transport ation Methods ... In fact, there are aerial tramway system, operational today,
which are ... However, there are in-place industrial ropeway system that have ...
AUTHOR Bonasso, Samuel G.
TITLE Slurry Transportation û Recent Applications 
SUMMARY ... Aerial Ropeway Conveyors Barge Pneumatic Capsule Railway Slurry Pipeline ... valves
associated with coarse particle transport system are pessimistic if arrived at ...
AUTHOR S Lush ; R Polglase
TITLE Concentration and Hydraulic Transport of Heavy Mineral Concentrate with Automatic Control 
SUMMARY ... For maximum economy the transfer pumping system is controlled ... Transport from the
east coast to Dunwich is via a single stage mono-cable aerial ropeway. ...
Showing: 1 to 10 of 40 matches for "aerial ropeway transport system"  Page   1   2   3   4

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