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TITLE Spektakel Mill Operates Economically Using Reconditioned Equipment and Modern Approaches 
SUMMARY ... The collector is 509. SNPX and 50% Senkol 107 (a locally manufac- tured sodium
mercaptobenzo thi- azole) and is added to the milling circuit. ...
AUTHOR Hannaford, A. L. ; Jones, A. N. ; Steenkamp, J.
TITLE The Spektakel Mill - Past History and Geology 
SUMMARY ... I1 ,5. The collector is 50% SNPX and 50% Senkol 107 ( a loczlly manufactured sodium
mercaptobenzo thiazole) and is added tothe milling circuit. ...
AUTHOR Hannaford, A. L.
TITLE The separation of kerogen from pyrophyllite by flotation 
SUMMARY ... In the standard flotation procedure, the reagent dosages were as follows: Senkol
(100 ppm), Acrol J2P350 (60 ppm), and triethoxybutane (TEB) (10 ppm). ...
AUTHOR O’Connor, C. T.
TITLE Column Flotation : The South African Experience 
SUMMARY ... The collectors were once again supplied by Karbochem, and consisted of EX 255, Senkol
7 (SK 7) and Senkol 5 (SK 5). Column performance was also evaluated using ...
AUTHOR Franzidis, J-P ; Harris, M. C. ; O’Connor, C. T.
TITLE The Estimation Of Platinum Flotation Grade From Froth Image Features By Using Artificial Neural Networks - Synopsis 
SUMMARY ... 900 Pulp height (cm below cell lip) 2 3 Particle size ( -75μm) 60% 80% CuSO 4
(g/t) 66 54 1st conditioning (g/t) SIBX (collector) 88 72 Senkol 65 (activator ...
AUTHOR Marais, C.
TITLE Process Development Of The Nkomati Pcmz Base Metals Sulphide Ore 
SUMMARY ... Dosage g/t Senkol (Collector) 5 Primary Mill SIBX (Collector) 150 Conditioner Deptan100
(Depressant) 400 Conditioner XP 200 (Frother) 40 Rougher A Deptan100 ...
AUTHOR Bowers, R L, Mr ; Smit, D S, Mr
TITLE Recovery Of Economic Values From Backfill Prior To Placement. 
SUMMARY ... Collector/ Mass to Recovery to concentrate depressant concentrate Mine pH
combination % Gold u30, S S = 120 g/t Senkol 50 T1 - T2 - T3 T4 ...
AUTHOR Niekerk, C. J. Van
TITLE The improved flotation of gold from the residues of Orange Free State ores 
SUMMARY ... The reagent suite was as follows: Senkol 50 (sodium mercaptobenzothiozole) 120
g/t Acrol J2P 350 (substitutedguar-pyrophyllite depressant) 80 g/t Dowfroth 200 ...
AUTHOR Cabassi, P. A. J. ; Loveday, B. K. ; Radcliffe, P. H. ; Wilkinson, M. J.
TITLE The Direct and Indirect Effects of the Reagent Suite on Froth Stability in Laboratory Scale Batch Flotation Tests 
SUMMARY ... Ore B: The primary collector used was SIBX, together with a secondary collector,
Senkol 5 (dibutyl dithiophosphate) at a combined dosage of 50 g/t. Stypres 504 ...
TITLE Comparative Study Of The Use Of HPGR And Conventional Wet And Dry Grinding Methods On The Flotation Of Base Metal Sulphides And PGMs - Synopsis 
SUMMARY ... 15 10 Table III Flotation procedure for PGM ore Stage Float min Con. min pH SIBX
(g/t) Senkol 3 (g/t) Sendep 369 (g/t) Betafroth 206 (g/t) Grind Natural ...
AUTHOR Chapman, N. A.
Showing: 1 to 10 of 12 matches for "SENKOL"  Page   1   2

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