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TITLE Application of Risk Analysis to a New Gold Mine 
SUMMARY ... values for each of the unoertain parameters, canpute the gold yield trend in the
light of the selected level for the overall average gold content and the pay ...
TITLE Treatment of Gold-Bearing Oxide High-Clayish Ores 
SUMMARY ... Average gold grade in the tailings from adsorption was 0.024 g ... the CIL tails were
0.039 g/t and total gold Fineness of grind, mm Yield, % Total yield, % Size-by ...
TITLE Past and Future Parameters for Mining the Otago Alluvial Gold Deposits 
SUMMARY ... By the late 1970s the gold yield had fallen to 70 mg/m ... of the production it produced
6,244 oz of gold in 1960 ... at 127 mg/m 3 , with an average depth of 22 m. The ...
TITLE Some Aspects of Mechanization in Western Australia Underground Mines 
SUMMARY ... how the average grade of gold mined in Western Australia in the 1930s dropped from
13 dwts/ ton to 5 dwts/ton. But despite this, the State's gold yield rose ...
TITLE A Review of The Gold Mining Industry of Western Australia 
SUMMARY ... In 1940 this group of mines produced 64·40/0 of the tonnage and 68·4% of the, total
gold yield from <>re having an average grade of 5· 7 dwts., while the ...
TITLE Real-Time Measurement Of Aqueous Cyanide In Mining Operations 
SUMMARY ... the process parameters to use an average of 5 ... of ABS) and to recover 2% more gold
by avoiding ... process data, and should at least yield qualitative indicators for ...
AUTHOR Gering, Kevin L.
TITLE Gold Mining History of Woodlark Island, Papua New Guinea 
SUMMARY ... at Kulamadau where about 92,000 ounces of gold at an average grade of 11.7 ... Goldfield"
(Woodlark Island) had contributed over 43% of the total gold yield of the ...
TITLE The Metallogenic Map of New Zealand 
SUMMARY ... comparable to Zimbabwe. The average gold yield per unit area of 3.4 kg/km2
from past production (Brathwaite et al. 1986) compares well ...
TITLE Colorado Paper - The Occurrence of Gold-Ores in the Rainy River District, Ontario, Canada 
SUMMARY ... are reported to exist in the ore, average from $30 to ... As an example of a high yield
from a small lot ... veins cutting protogene are found to carry their gold in a ...
AUTHOR Merritt, William Hamilton
TITLE Ross Goldfield - A Vision 
SUMMARY ... The annual Mines Statement for 1897 records that 1620 cubic yards of material were
removed for a yield of 15 ounces of gold - an average gold grade of 292 ...
Showing: 1 to 10 of 3930 matches for "Average gold yield"  Page   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  next

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