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TITLE Low-Cost Gold-Mining 
SUMMARY ... nine years, from 1901 to 1909, an output of 181,436 tons was treated in the same
mill for an average yield of $1.45 per ton, also as free gold, by amalgamation ...
TITLE Gravity Circuit Improvements at Montana Tunnels 
SUMMARY ... The average drop of 0.016 g/t (0.0005 oz/st) represents a ... illustrate the ability
of the gravity circuit to move gold from products that yield a lower ...
AUTHOR Darnton, Byron T.
TITLE Using Local Experience In Wholesale Gold Mining - Effect Of Choice Of Methods In The Alaska Juneau Mill 
SUMMARY ... what the gangue, containing the quartz occurrences, would yield. ... power directly applied,
were efficient in gold recovery and ... 31, 1910, at an average cost of 13 ...
AUTHOR Bradley, F. W.
TITLE Book news 
SUMMARY ... with the X-ray values; the average deviation was ... smelting ore and coal fines to yield
various ferro ... Report M136 The determination of gold in activated charcoal ...
TITLE The absorption of gold cyanide onto activated carbon. I. The kinetics of absorption from pulps 
SUMMARY ... The combination of this relationship with equatioa(4) and a mass balance across
the stage yield the following expression for the ... Average gold Feed 2 3 4 5 ...
AUTHOR Nicol, M. J. ; Fleming, C. A. ; Cromberge, G.
TITLE Developments in the application of carbon-inpulp to the recovery of gold from South African ores 
SUMMARY Developments in the application of carbon-in- pulp to the recovery of gold from
South African ores ... the dIssolved gold was the beginning of our present-day sys- ...
AUTHOR Laxen, P. A. ; Becker, G. S. M. ; Rubin, R.
TITLE Mining Gold in Northeast China 
SUMMARY ... The gold is present mostly (88%) as free gold with an average fineness of ... Reworking
of old gravels will continue to yield gold, but in ever decreasing amounts. ...
AUTHOR Parrish, I. S.
TITLE Recovery of gold from ashed woodchips 
SUMMARY ... potassium aurocyanide (to ensure no free cyanide) was added to a pulped (relative
density 1,45 kg '1-1) sample of the material to yield a gold con- centration ...
AUTHOR John, M. W. ; Matthews, I. D.
TITLE History of the Getchell Gold Mine 
SUMMARY ... tial profit and the Getchell open pit would likely yield a minimum of ... 80% of the
tonnage and 75% of the gold,ie7.9 Mt (8.7 million st) of average grade 5.3 ...
AUTHOR Horton, Robert C.
TITLE Precision 
SUMMARY ... Another engineer gave the value of the average gold-content of the gravel to be ... 1,
1909, he estimated a yardage of 342,995,536, and a gross yield of 9.9395 ...
Showing: 1 to 10 of 5500 matches for "Average gold yield"  Page   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  next

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