Old Sewer, Big Risks: Managing Risks During The Design And Construction Of A 21-Story Building Adjacent To A Critical 100-Year-Old Sewer Structure

Siebert, Damian R.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 6
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2011
Risk-reduction measures implemented during the design and construction of a 21-story pile-supported building adjacent to a below-grade 100-year-old sewer structure were keys to a successful foundation system. Avoiding damage to the existing sewer structure during construction activities and the future ability to access the structure post-construction were the main concerns for the utility owner. Clear communication and a deliberate design process between all parties ? utility owner, building owner, structural engineer, geotechnical engineer, architect, and contractor ? were integral to the project?s success. This collaborative process helped all parties to understand the risks, both real and perceived, and to develop mitigation measures to reduce the risks. Bringing together all parties to engage in dialogue and encouraging open communication throughout the project were paramount to its success. By implementing the joint design plan, using mutually-acceptable construction techniques, and careful monitoring, the building foundation was successfully installed and all parties? risks were averted.
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