Installation And Testing Of 260 Hollow Core Bar Micropiles

Gómez, Jesús E.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 6
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2007
A total of 260 micropiles were installed as part of a retrofit effort for two existing bridges. The micropiles consisted of hollow core bars installed under limited headroom conditions. Of the total number of micropiles, 180 were installed in submerged sand and 80 were installed in stiff, silty clay. The micropiles were drilled using a lean cement grout which was re-circulated for de-sanding and re-use. Final grout was injected upon completion of drilling to the design tip elevation. The micropiles were subject to a rigorous quality control that included grout quality testing and proof-testing of each production micropile. This paper presents a description of the procedure for installation and quality control of the micropiles. The successful proof-testing of all the production micropiles showed that hollow core bar micropiles can be used effectively in granular and fine-grained soils. Hollow core bar micropiles offer particular advantages when installed in submerged sand formations with respect to other traditional micropile types. The results of the proof load tests are presented in a companion paper.
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