Variation Of Load Settlement Relations Of 25 Steel Pipe Piles Constructed In A Site From Rapid Pile Load Testing

Matsumoto, Tatsunori
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2006
In order to investigate the variation of the load-displacement relations of piles in a site, vertical load tests were carried out on 25 small diameter steel pipe piles. Out of 25 piles, 15 piles were close-ended pipe piles attached with a blade at the pile toe and 10 piles were open-ended pipe piles. To carry out these load tests in a short period, two types of rapid load test methods, Spring hammer load test and Falling mass load test, were employed. The load tests of all piles were completed in two days with 180 blows in total. In order to estimate a static load-displacement of a pile, non-linear damping method was used. It is shown from the test results that the performance of the pipe piles such as the ultimate pile resistance and the initial pile head stiffness is improved by re-driving.
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