Stress And Deformation Of Pile Foundation Of Sutong Bridge

Zongze, Yin
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 7
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2006
The pile foundation of Sutong bridge pylons is an extra large pile foundation. The length of piles is 115m, and the diameter of the piles is 2.5-2.8m. Since the traditional design method may not determine the settlement and capacity reasonably for such a large pile foundation, the finite element method is used to study stress and deformation of the foundation. The interface element is set to simulate the possible slide between piles and soil layers. The hyperbolic model is taken for soils. Parameters are determined from triaxial test first, and then modified by back analysis on basis of in-situ loading test. The computation results show that the axial force of piles changes with the location of the pile. Outer piles support greater axial force and also friction. The settlement will not be greater than 26cm. The stress and deformation of the pile cap, the abutment, are obtained too. The whole foundation is safe.
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