Recent Evolutions In Deep Foundation Technologies

Bottiau, Maurice
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 38
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2006
It is a quite challenging objective to aim at covering in one paper the most recent evolution in piling and deep foundations technologies. This report has to be understood within the limits of the session 2b. It will therefore concentrate on the technological evolution of deep foundation techniques, addressing design issues only when directly related to execution aspects. For the same reason, it will not address the related codes, as a separate session of this conference is specifically dedicated to this topic. Monitoring and deep excavations being covered in other sessions, they will only be addressed when clearly relevant. We will try to show, from a practical viewpoint what are the main changes and the most exciting or critical issues over the last years, as they appear from the topics addressed in the literature or in the papers published in this session of the conference. As the paper mostly intends to explain trends and critical topics, it cannot be exhaustive, neither can it give the full description of the case studies. The author invites the reader to read the full papers, for a more complete description. We have divided our report in three main topics: Piling, soil improvement and treatment and retaining walls. Anchors and tie-backs will not be treated, neither tunneling.
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