Advanced Soil Mailing Design - Improved Reliability And Predictability Of Wall Performance

Gnilsen, Reinhard
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 14
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1988
Soil Nail walls, like any other structure, must meet high standards of design to be acceptable to the public and owners. On the other hand, the concept of soil nailing trails behind other structures in terms of defined design criteria that are commonly acknowledged. This is not to say that soil nail walls need to be less safe or less conservative than alternative more conventional concepts. Instead, the lack of established design criteria and design methodology entails that rules of thumb from past experience, overly simplified calculation assumptions, and the engineers' common sense judgement must substitute for a complex analysis of true stability and wall performance. Those "design approaches" must be conservative to ensure an adequate structure. Also, soil nailing may not be perceived prudent where site conditions are considered beyond past experience. For instance, site conditions may be perceived out-side the scope of soil nailing applicability where walls are very high, soil parameters variable or low, or nearby buildings close to the wall edge. The latter relates in particular to deep
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