A New Type Of Wave Equation Analysis Program

Warrington, Don C.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1988
This paper describes a new wave equation analysis program called ZWAVE, which is a program specifically for external combustion hammers. The program is de-scribed in detail, the discussion dealing with topics concerning the program such as 1) the numerical method the program uses to integrate the wave equation, which is different from most other wave equation programs; 2) the modelling process of both cushioned and cushionless hammers; 3) the automated generation of mass and spring values for both hammer and pile; 4) the method of dealing with plastic cushions; 5) the use of a recently developed model for computing shaft resistance during driving; 6) the computation and generation of values based on basic soil properties such as shear modulus, Poisson's Ratio and soil density; 7) the completely interactive method of feeding data to the program; 8) the method used to compute the anticipated rebound and the energy used to plastically deform the soil; and 9) the format of the inter-active input of the program and the program's output. Sample problems for the program, along with comparison of the program results with data gathered in the field, are presented.
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