Unique Foundation Solution For The Shriners Burns Institute Building Expansion - I. Introduction

Cardoza, Edmund
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 43
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1994
In the spring of 1993, construction began on an ambitious building project in Boston, Massachusetts. The Shriners organization committed to offer state-of-the-art adolescent burn treatment and rehabilitation in its Boston facility by expanding in a most unusual way. In short, the concept included installation of caisson foundations and perimeter slurry wall panels to enable construction of a completely independent structure around and above the existing, continually functioning, hospital. Two distinct phases of work were detailed in the Contract Documents. At the completion of the first phase, patients will be moved into the new building, above, and demolition of the old structure, beneath, will be performed. In Phase I, sections of the slurry wall and caissons, located outside the footprint of the existing building, were planned. The next phase of the work includes the installation of the remaining caissons and slurry wall. Once excavation is completed, the balance of the new hospital structure will be constructed from the bottom upward, connecting to the under side of the new structure.
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